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Built to Last: Delivering Custom Industrial Components Engineered for Extreme Duty


At Encon Enterprise, we understand that when it comes to supplying equipment for critical industrial applications, there is no room for error. In environments ranging from power plants to oil refineries, equipment failure can mean costly unplanned downtime, lost productivity, and safety risks. That's why leading utilities and industrial operators partner with Encon - our engineered solutions deliver the reliability and longevity needed to minimize risks and optimize operational efficiency.

Rigorously Tested to Withstand Punishing Conditions

Encon products are rigorously engineered, tested, and inspected to perform precisely and reliably from day one and for decades to come, even in the most demanding operating environments. Our unwavering quality commitment ensures components like boiler pressure parts, valves, pipe fittings, and burner components withstand punishing temperatures, pressures, corrosion, erosion, and more. We utilize the latest design tools paired with hands-on testing and inspection at every stage from materials selection through manufacturing and final assembly. Where applicable, independent organizations also certify and audit our quality processes. This gives customers complete confidence in Encon equipment performing safely and efficiently from commissioning through many maintenance cycles.

Custom Solutions to Meet Unique Requirements

We don't offer one-size-fits-all products - our specialized engineers partner closely with customers to deeply understand their specific operating conditions and requirements. This allows providing fully customized component designs optimized for each application. Where needed, we engineer proprietary enhancements to boost durability and performance. This customer-focused approach delivers industrial equipment engineered to fit seamlessly into existing installations and processes, enhancing safety, reliability, and bottom line savings.

Responsive Customer Service and Expert Support

Encon's commitment doesn't end once equipment ships - our customer support teams work closely with plant engineering and maintenance staffs to provide technical expertise and responsive field assistance. We help customers configure spares packages optimized to minimize downtime risks and supply even hard-to-find legacy components. The Encon team becomes an extension of your own - collaborating to boost efficiency and advise on enhancing existing installation performance.

Stringent Raw Materials and Component Sourcing

We meticulously control raw materials and component sourcing to ensure strict conformance to specifications. Encon maintains approved supplier lists and qualification processes for sourcing items from specialty steels to electrical and mechanical purchased components. Our quality engineers review supplier certifications, actively inspect and audit factories, and perform incoming verification testing. By maximizing quality at the component level, we assure consistently reliable end products.

Advanced Manufacturing and Fab Capabilities In-House

Encon's extensive in-house fabrication, machining and assembly capabilities allow closely controlling every production step. Our facilities feature advanced welding automation, heavy machining centers, and clean precision assembly areas. By avoiding outsourcing, our experts continuously improve processes to maximize manufacturing repeatability, efficiency and quality. Keeping production in-house also enables greater responsiveness for customers with urgent needs.

Mission-Critical Process Safety Solutions

In hazardous industrial environments, instrumented safety systems provide the last line of defense to prevent catastrophic failures. Encon designs customized and pre-engineered safety solutions including emergency shutdown systems, fire and gas monitoring, analyzers, relief valves, rupture discs, and safety logic controllers. Following applicable codes and standards, we engineer, install, integrate and maintain safety instrumented systems tailored for each application's protection requirements. Trust Encon for proven solutions to safeguard your personnel, community and assets.

Expert Project and Construction Management

Encon possesses extensive in-house expertise to manage complex projects from engineering through procurement, fabrication, testing, delivery, documentation, and field installation. For turnkey projects, our project management teams interface seamlessly with your personnel and other contractors onsite to deliver systems integrating Encon and third-party equipment. With effective communication, planning, and coordination, we implement projects on time and on budget with minimal disruption to ongoing plant operations.

When you partner with Encon, you gain far more than high-quality equipment. You secure a team fully committed to your project success through responsive collaboration, extensive experience, and passion for engineering reliability. Contact our application experts today to discuss how Encon can deliver custom solutions optimized for your operational safety and performance.


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