Quality Control and Product Reliability

  • EEPL Manufacturing division is committed to quality assurance of the highest standard in products, stringent system-based quality control is exercised at each stage of production. The production standard focus on customer requirements and their highest satisfaction.

    All incoming materials are inspected in details for mechanical and metallurgical Properties including chemical analysis. All measuring Instruments follow Calibration system to international standards. We have quality certification form SSI, NSIC, SISI, IBR, ISO – 9001 – 2008, LLOYDS, DNV, QSS, TPL,PDIL,BVQI,NTPC & NSPCL.

    Quality plays a powerful important role in our business activity. A talented and Experienced quality control team is responsible for all our quality assurance processes. Our Organisation has been widely acknowledged for its QUALITY CONTROL endeavors. We are regularly getting our products inspected by LLOYDS, DNV, TPL, QSS, and IBR, etc.We are known around subcontinent for our commitment in quality products.